10th European BSD Conference: Oct 6-9 2011, Maarssen, The Netherlands



The dutch public transportation system consists of multiple companies, depending on the region and type of transport. The venue is within a 10 minutes walk from the Maarssen train station. There are multiple possibilities to get there.

RFID cards (OV Card)

The dutch public transportation system in moving to RFID based card. These card can be bought for 7.5E + debit at most train stations. These cards are valid in busses, subway, trams and trains, but are not always exchangeable between them.

Tickets for train

The dutch train company is called NS (Nederlands Spoorwegen, or dutch railway). And is responsible for all train journeys to and from Maarssen.

Maarssen is on the train track between Amsterdam and Utrecht (the best connected train station in Netherlands, including some international trains). You can purchase your tickets online or at the train station. Online you can buy your tickets on


At the train station you can buy your tickets at the yellow ticket machines (all stations), most smaller train stations like Maarssen do not have a manned office where you can buy your ticket. The easiest way to purchase your ticket is the e-tickets on the previous link. Planning your journey within The Netherlands can be done via:


Airports around Maarssen

There are three international airports within 1 hour commute to the venue.

These are:


Maarssen is quite a small town, it's location near Utrecht and therefor you have to travel over the Utrecht ring to get to Maarssen (in most travel plans). On peak hours (7am to 9am and 4:30pm to 18.30pm) the Utrecht ring and connecting speedways are often congested. The delay can vary from 20 minutes to more then an hour. It's advisable to avoid the speedway during peak hours.


There a number of cab companies available in the Netherlands. Official taxies can be recognised by the taxi sign on top of the car and blue number plates. Here is a list of cab companies.

UTC (Utrecht Taxi)
TCA (Amsterdam Taxi)